African Americans and people labeled as underserved of all races, are most in need of being educated or schooled in the basic political dynamics of the electoral process.   The People’s Political Action Committee was organized in January  2015 for the expressed purpose of educating existing voters as well as new voters regardless to their party, gender, religion, race or financial status, in other words non-partisan.  We are interested in the best qualified person to serve the people, not the party.   




Our mission is to evolve to the point that we can rate elected officials performance based on a set of benchmarks that, we will be able to endorse and contribute to our candidates campaign.   We are also focused on joining and partnering with existing PACs, Unions and interested members of the general public that share this vision or outcomes.  



To publish a final set of procedures including disclosure in some cases by quarterly.

To fund-raise and receive donations to reach our projected operations budget of $30,000 by 2020

To enroll 10, 000 members 2019

To enroll 20,000 members 2020




African Americans like most groups that have been neglected in the finer aspects of politics in particular an operation that nurtures maturity, and independent thought instead of voting without investigative research.  African Americans for an example has a straight path from slavery, to emancipation, to the recommendation of the pastor, to a poll tax system and finally to the NAACP heading voter registration drives.  At no point that I am to find; was there a sustained effort to grow certain voters in the finer points of the entire process.


Listed below are the original pioneers of TPPAC:

1.      Charles X White

2.      Dorothy Dawson, Treasurer

3.      Arnold Larkin


Contribution Decision Makers

  1. Charles X White

  2. Lillian Parker

  3. Tracy Stephens

  4. Pastor Byron Jones

  5. Dorothy Dawson


Expenditure Decision Makers

  1. Pastor Byron Jones

  2. Jacques Denkins

  3. Lester Howard

  4. Otis Miles

  5. Arnold Larkin 


Budget and Projected Expense Profile and Ratios 2017


Projected Base Rate Contributions candidates in the following categories:

  • City Projection Contribution $250.00

  • County Projection: Base Contribution $150.00

  • Community College: $150.00

  • School Districts: $150.00

  • State Projections:  Base Contribution $250.00

  • Federal Projection: Base Contribution $350.00

  • All other offices Projections: Contribution  $150.00