Blue is the new Black!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 30, 2020 Saturday

White Riots and the Quest for Justice for Blacks

There is an equitable solution to the decades of injustice toward blacks! Decades of lessons learned are not working, or not being applied equitably.

The questions about injustice/justice, equity, over policing of blacks, and rights is centuries old. The death of George Floyd is the latest horrific story of a list of stories dating back to slavery.  After viewing many hours of the aftermath footage expressions of outrage, I decided to review some history on policing and share it with you. I want to thank all the researchers for their scholarship that we are reposting and sharing. 


How the US Got its Police Force --

“In the South, however, the economics that drove the creation of police forces were centered not on the protection of shipping interests but on the preservation of the slavery system. Some of the primary policing institutions there were the slave patrols tasked with chasing down runaways and preventing slave revolts, Potter says; the first formal slave patrol had been created in the Carolina colonies in 1704. During the Civil War, the military became the primary form of law enforcement in the South, but during Reconstruction, many local sheriffs functioned in a way analogous to the earlier slave patrols, enforcing segregation and the disenfranchisement of freed slaves.”


“When race riots meant white men terrorizing black neighborhoods” --

"Today, when we see black, urban populations rioting, it’s usually an expression of frustration against injustice, brutality and oppression. But throughout much of American history, race riots meant something entirely different. They were a strategic tool to maintain white power and identity, effectively, a tool to oppress African Americans. So why have so many of these occurrences have been left out of the history books?"


"modern" Policing In America --

“In fact, policing during the nineteenth century in America has been described as inefficient, ineffective, lacking professionalism, and highly corrupt (Walker, 1999)”.


The Role of Police in America  --

"In the early 1800s, the founder of modern policing, Sir Robert Peel is believed to have said: “The police are the public and the public are the police.” This statement reflects the dual role that members of law enforcement hold in our society. Police officers are both part of the community they serve and the government protecting that community."